SkyFile Mail

Advanced messaging tool

A new version, v8.25 of SkyFile® Mail is available as of now, providing new functions for more efficiency and cost savings.

  • I4 device control – Avoid unwanted traffic & costs
    - Ensures unwanted traffic is avoided due to limiting data session to email transfer only
    - Now available with all types of FleetBroadband units, including Skipper 150 from Addvalue, FB SAILOR and BGAN Explorer and now also with FB JRC and FB Furuno
  • Usage of private devices like own laptop, smartphone & tablet:
    - Users can send & receive emails from their private laptop, tablet or smartphone onboard a vessel via POP3/SMTP if a wifi network is in place
    - Only available for SkyFile Premium users
  • Full compatibility with all GSPS products
    - Can be used with all members of the GSPS family: FleetPhone, IsatPhone Link and IsatPhone Pro
  • Recurrent notification – Improve efficiency & save even more costs
    - The shipping company is regularly informed when an email is still in the outgoing queue and not yet delivered to the vessel
    - Possibility to delete emails which become obsolete before delivery to the ship