Urgent BGAN firmware upgrades

Please ensure you upgrade to firmware version 2.11.3 for the Explorer 100/110 and (the Nera branded) WorldPro 1000/1010 as soon as possible. This new firmware can be found on the Inmarsat website. This firmware release is also available for download from BGAN LaunchPad.

Inmarsat advises all customers to install this release. Enhancements included in this version are specifically for the Explorer 100/100 and WorldPro 1000/1010 to support a BGAN network upgrade to take place on 31st October 2008.
Please note this firmware is not required for any other BGAN terminal than those listed above.
If you are upgrading the firmware on a WorldPro then your terminal will automatically become equivalent to a TT Explorer. WorldPro users should also note that they will also need to use the latest version of LaunchPad (v3.7.0) as well as the latest USB drivers subsequent to upgrading with this firmware release. The latest LaunchPad and USB drivers are available from the Inmarsat BGAN support website and via BGAN LaunchPad.

To register for this BGAN Software update email please complete the registration form on www.inmarsat.com/support/bgan

Please contact Vizada’s Customer Care with any further questions.

Vizada Americas
Phone: +1 301 838 7700

Vizada EMEA & Asia
Phone: +33 (0)5 61 28 89 99



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